Yazıcı Attorney Partnership takes records of the online courses / webinars that it provides, as well as the attendees thereto. In this regard, personal data of the individuals qualifying as attendees that may be processed by Yazıcı Attorney Partnership, purposes and limitations of processing, and third parties to whom such data may be transferred are specified below:

Personal Data Processing Purpose:
Compiling the list of attendees for the online courses / webinars provided by Yazıcı Attorney Partnership, conducting internal statistical analysis activities related to online courses / webinars, informing the attendees of future online courses / webinars.

Personal Data That May Be Processed:
identification data (name, surname), contact data (phone number, e-mail address) and personnel file data (title, employing company), visual records (camera footage incase the camera of the attendee is enabled).

Data Storage Period and Limitations:
Limited with the data processing purpose, for as long as the data processing purpose persists and/or for 10 (ten) years which is the statutory period of limitation.

Transfer to Third Parties:
Business partners that provide information technology services, collaborated trainers and/or speakers within the scope of the online course / webinar.

Transfer to Foreign Countries:
United Kingdom that is the resident country of collaborated trainers and/or speakers within the scope of the online course / webinar.

We remind you that, due to the data processing activity performed by Yazıcı Attorney Partnership, you have the right to request information regarding; the status of your data, whether it is processed in line with the processing purpose, or whether any domestic or foreign transfer took place; the right to request correction of deficit or incorrect data; request the deletion or destruction of your data and to request the notification of these actions to third parties to whom your data has been transferred; right to object to any adverse outcome arising from automated processing and request compensation of your damages incurred due to illegal processing of your data.

I hereby accept and declare that, with this information text, I have been informed about the general principles of personal data processing to be conducted by Yazıcı Attorney Partnership regarding the online course / webinar that I am going to attend and that I have read and understood the aforementioned information text.


I hereby accept and declare that I give my explicit consent to the collection, processing, usage, storage, domestic and foreign transfer of my data, that may be deemed as “personal data” within the scope of the online course / webinar that I am going to attend, and for being contacted by Yazıcı Attorney Partnership regarding future events subject to the limitations provided under the “Information Text”.

If you do not wish Yazıcı Attorney Partnership to contact you after this online course / webinar that you are going to attend, with regards to future events, please send an e-mail to