Yazıcı Attorney Partnership is a leading full-service commercial law firm with offices in Ankara and Istanbul. Our key practice areas include oil and gas, energy, construction and infrastructure projects, finance, mergers and acquisitions and general corporate law; as well as related litigation and international arbitration. Having been founded in 1989 as Yazıcı Law Offices, we have been advising commercial, industrial and financial institutions and representing them in their disputes since.

Our team of attorneys, who are experienced in various practices, are a select and cohesive group, and our greatest accomplishment. We pride ourselves in the thriving practice we built by providing insightful, thorough and concise advice based on a wealth of industry knowledge and a solid sense of global practices.

It all began when Murat Yazıcı, then an oil and gas lawyer for fifteen years, decided to start his own practice in Ankara in 1989. His international contract negotiation experience, a consequence of an oil and gas background, proved valuable as the booming Turkish construction companies of the 1990s entered new markets in the surrounding regions.

As the firm’s practice grew, our international perspective remained intact. Throughout the years, we pursued a strategy of fostering generalist corporate lawyers with an international perspective and an eye for both the transactional and the dispute resolution aspects in projects. This gave us the flexibility to seamlessly expand our knowledge base into various practices as the region’s economic landscape significantly evolved.

We have been restructured as an attorney partnership as of 1 January 2018, in order to build a sustainable corporate structure grounded on our work ethic and values that will allow our associates to become partners of the firm over time, and to develop our firm’s client-oriented approach and close relations with its business partners so it quickly adapts to the needs of a global economy.

As Yazıcı Attorney Partnership, we are committed to our quality policy, whereby we aim to meet the needs and expectations of our clients with high quality services, of our employees with our work environment and conditions, of the industries in which we practice by sharing our knowledge, and of the society with our sense of corporate social responsibility and good governance.